Application for Escheats Funds

Tri-County directors vote each year to approve Capital Credits to be paid back to the membership. Every year, there is a portion of these Capital Credits checks that are unclaimed. After three years of being on the unclaimed lists, those checks are transferred into our Escheats account.

Pennsylvania Act 187 reads:  Any property presumed to be abandoned and unclaimed under this article that is held by a rural electric cooperative organized or qualified to do business in this Commonwealth under 15 Pa.C.S. Ch. 73 (relating to electric cooperative corporations) may, at the discretion of the rural electric cooperative, be retained and used by the rural electric cooperative…

Every year when Tri-County REC returns Capital Credits to the membership a portion of them are unclaimed.  In past years, those unclaimed checks were returned to the state.  With the passage of Act 187, the cooperatives now keep that money and can use it in three areas: energy assistance, education and civic purposes.   This application is for civic purposes only and can be filled out online (see below) or downloaded from here.

Funding Application
Organization Info
Please include the full address of your civic organization.
Summarize programs or services offered by your group and the people it’s benefiting.
Funding Information
Summarize your request for funding, including the purpose of the funds and to whom they would provide benefit.