C & T Call Center

Call Answering

The C & T Call Center can provide your business or utility with a customized, inbound/outbound call operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our operators answer all calls in a friendly, professional manner, announcing your company name and the name of the operator with whom the caller is speaking. We deliver your messages to you promptly via fax or e-mail at least 30 minutes before your office opens for business.

Our operators can answer your business calls, accept orders, refer your callers, take messages and dispatch emergencies. We offer telephone coverage services to fit your needs, whether it's 24 hours a day, after-hours only or during periods of overflow. Through our PBX phone switch, C & T Call Center can monitor how many incoming calls your operation receives, as well as the number of outbound calls placed by our operators.

Customer Care Services

Our No. 1 priority is superior customer service. When your customers call, they will know that professionalism is high on our list of requirements for employees. Call Center operators will be trained to meet the needs of your company. Services we can provide include: answering billing inquiries, making sure payment has been received, verifying account information, and accepting change of address information.


The Call Center handles dispatching duties for all the C & T Enterprises utilities. Our operators will learn your service territory and dispatching protocol.