Electric Thermal Storage Program

Electric thermal storage is a type of electric space heating system that uses lower-cost off-peak electricity to heat ceramic bricks in an insulated cabinet. The units release their heat continuously. Tri-County does not sell or install ETS units, however, a list of` local vendors is provided in the 'Learn More' section.

Electric Thermal Storage Unit
Interior of Unit
Electric Thermal Storage Unit

Rebate Offer

Tri-County offers a rebate of $50.00 for every kilowatt (KW) of installed ETS to homeowners. To qualify for the ETS rebate the following conditions must be met:

  • A member must install a minimum of 5 KW of ETS
  • New homes must meet Act 22 standards
  • Older homes must meet the following insulation levels: R-13 walls, R-13 floors, R-19 ceilings, storm doors & windows
  • A Manual J heat loss calculation must be done prior to the ETS installation

Cooperative's Reponsibilities

Prior to the purchase of ETS units and when a member is ready to install, the cooperative must:

  • Provide rate information
  • Supply a list of ETS vendors
  • Furnish ETS brochures
  • Supply entrance specifications
  • Inspect service & installation to assure that requirements are met
  • Provide information about on-peak and off-peak hours

Member's Responsibilities

  • Select the vendor, brand and amount of ETS
  • Have a minimum of 5 KW of ETS installed
  • For the dual-meter system, have a second entrance installed and inspected.
  • A single-meter system may require inspection, pending new construction or changes to existing entrance
  • Connect other electrical appliances to the ETS service, if desired

Rate Options

  1. Single-Meter ETS Rate

    Please call office for current rates.
    For most members, the single-meter system is the most economical. It automatically places the entire home on a time-of-day rate.