Generators and Carbon Monoxide

Poisoning from CO (carbon monoxide) is a very common and very serious accident that can happen if generators are used improperly. Every proper precaution should be taken as it is a very serious danger. Portable generators should never be used indoors. This includes: basements, crawl spaces, garages, carports, and any other imaginable enclosed or partially enclosed space. They should not be used near open windows or inlets that may allow for exhaust fumes to leak in. CO is odorless, and invisible. If while using a generator, you begin to feel sick, dizzy, or light headed, get to fresh air quickly. You can be overtaken by it very quickly so it is imperative that you don't delay. To add extra safety you may want to buy a CO detector to warn you of rising CO levels.

Be sure when running the generator that it is kept dry. If needed run under an open canopy type structure. Store fuel in an approved container, and only use the fuel that is recommended in the instructions. Never store fuel indoors. Do not keep it near the generator while the generator is in use as it could start a fire. Never refuel while the generator is running, and always keep a fully charged fire extinguisher located near the generator.