Line Clearance & Right of Way

Tri-County REC is committed to ensuring all Cooperative members are provided safe and reliable electric power.  To that end, a properly established and subsequently maintained Right of Way corridor through each member’s property is essential to fulfilling this commitment.  This means all trees and brush must be kept clear of all overhead power lines.

Approximately 30 – 40 percent of electrical power outages are caused by tree contact.  When trees contact overhead powerlines, they essentially “short” the circuit to ground which causes a protective device upstream of the contact point to open up in order to clear the faulted line.  The result is a power outage caused by trees.

A proactive, well established right of way maintenance program not only cuts down on the number of power interruptions, it also reduces the Cooperative’s maintenance costs.  Less truck rolls translates to lower costs to the member.

Over the last several years, severe weather events have caused power outages across our system and left members in the dark for several days.  High winds have caused trees to topple or break into the Cooperative’s power lines resulting in sustained power interruptions.  These events have forced us to look more closely at our existing tree trimming practices and adjust them to more aggressively remove trees within our right of way.  Trees that were topped or pruned in the past are now being targeted for complete removal.  Please click here for a graphic of a right of way.

Please refer to our Tree Planting Guide for more information about trees and rights of way.

For more information concerning Tri-County’s right of way program, please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.