Load Management Program

Load management is the shifting use of electricity from periods of high demand to periods of lower demand, when the cost of electricity usually is lower.  This is done with devices called Load Control Relays  (LCR) that are installed on member’s hot water heaters. 

Our generation supplier, Alleghany Electric, monitors the electricity usage across Pennsylvania.  When the demand for electric reaches a pre-determined level, an operator will send a control signal to a computer in our offices.  That computer then transmits signals to the individual LCR’s and the power is shut off to the device connected to the LCR.

When will the electric be shut-off?

Generally speaking, the year is divided into two seasons, summer and winter.  The summer season is from about the middle of May until about the middle of September. Winter is the rest of the year. During the summer, expect control on the hottest days of the month with control sometime during the period from 11 AM until 5 PM. During the winter, expect control on the coldest days during the month with control sometime during the period from 7 AM until 12 PM and/or 4 PM until 9 PM. Remember, even though the electric to your water heater is turned off, you still have the stored hot water in your water heater. These are just guidelines as there is the possibility of control happening at other times during the day.  Expect to be controlled between six and twelve days during the month and the LCR’s are not controlled on holidays or weekends.

How will I know when the LCR is under control?

There is a red light on the LCR that is lit when the electric has been shut off to the device.