R. Angus Steadman

R. Angus Steadman, the chief engineer for Tri-County’s electrification efforts from 1936-38, chronicled the struggle to bring power to the rural areas of northern Pennsylvania in a manuscript written circa October 1937, about one month before Tri-County’s lines were energized. Please click on the Acrobat file below titled "Steadman manuscript" to view the document in its entirety. We have decided to publish the document on our Web site to give members who weren’t around “the day the lights came on” a feel for the plight of their rural forefathers in bringing electricity to the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. Additionally this document is one of the few historical manuscripts we have come across that provides details about the birth of Tri-County as a rural electric cooperative.


Manuscript - And So We Are Getting "Electric"

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About R. Angus Steadman

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